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How to Adapt Your Product Discovery

Ever feel like your ideal customer is fading like a Polaroid in the sun? Over the last few months, our conversations with clients, potential clients, and general conversations with business leaders have shown the need to re-evaluate the 'Ideal Client Profile'. In many cases, the product may help solve a problem for a variety of customers but choosing which to go after takes courage and determination and a cold shower of fresh data.

Here are four steps to navigate this exciting (and sometimes scary) evaluation:

1. Unmask the Mystery:

- Gather Intel: Dive into data, feedback, and trends to confirm the shift and understand its roots. Are new players entering the scene? Did your initial problem statement miss the mark?

- Prioritize Profiles: If you've got a newfound tribe alongside your OG crew, evaluate their potential and value. Who deserves center stage?

- Get in Their Heads: Talk to real people from both groups. Understand their needs, frustrations, and aspirations. Empathy is key!

2. Rethink the Puzzle:

- Challenge Assumptions: Your initial "why" might need a makeover. Does it still fit the new face in the crowd?

- Spot Hidden Opportunities: What are the unique struggles and hopes of your emerging audience? Can you craft solutions just for them?

- Weigh the Worth: Can you serve both profiles, or is it time for a full-blown pivot? Consider market size, profitability, and resource constraints.

3. Tweak the Discovery Compass:

- Refine Research & Prototyping: Design research and prototypes that speak directly to your new audience. Validate their needs and refine your solutions.

- Rewrite the Scorecard: Adapt your success metrics to reflect the evolving value proposition. Track progress for both profiles to stay on track.

- Open Communication: Keep stakeholders in the loop. Get them involved in shaping the new direction. Collaboration is your secret weapon!

4. Choose Your Adventure:

- New North Star: If the new profile is your guiding light, consider a full pivot, leaving the old guard behind (with grace, of course!).

- Dual Tracks: Can't choose? Split the spotlight! Develop features that cater to both audiences, like bonus levels in a video game.

️ - Phased Approach: Introduce new features gradually, ensuring compatibility with your existing user base. Think of it as a gentle upgrade, not a revolution.

Remember, adapting to a changing clientele isn't a setback, it's an opportunity to evolve and thrive! By embracing data, empathy, and collaboration, you can build a product that resonates with the right audience, leaving them (and you) singing with joy.

Now, share your product discovery adventures in the comments! Let's learn from each other and conquer the ever-changing customer landscape together.


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