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About Us

In the vast world of product managers and consulting, we wanted to be upfront and transparent about our focus. This is where we thrive, where we excel. It's essential for companies to understand that Product Management reaches far beyond customer needs, impacting various aspects of their business. That's why finding the right Product Manager is crucial to bringing your vision to life and ensuring successful implementation. 

Now, let's uncover the personal significance behind the "Full Sail" part of our name. It's a tale that speaks to my own experiences and resonates with the essence of our mission. Growing up in Arkansas, my deep appreciation for water was instilled in me. As a young athlete, I immersed myself in swimming and water polo, cherishing every moment spent gliding through the water or relishing weekends water skiing at the lake. Those memories have become a cherished part of my past, symbolizing a connection to something greater.

During a visit to a container shipyard, I found myself curious about the ship's helm. To my surprise, the captain sensed my bewilderment and kindly explained that these massive vessels aren't continuously steered by hand, battling against the relentless forces of the ocean. Instead, they chart their course and make occasional adjustments, always keeping their final destination in mind. It was a profound realization, one that drew a parallel to the work of product managers. Just like those ships, we gather feedback from the customer landscape and course-correct as necessary to align with the overarching vision of the company.

So, that's the story behind our name. Full Sail Product Management Consulting —a humble endeavor that strives to make a positive impact by leveraging our expertise in Product Management. Embracing the lessons learned from the vastness of the sea and the steady course of ships, hoping to guide our clients towards their desired destinations with humility and dedication.

Daniel LeSieur


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